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Mar 13, 2015 · — -- It may be Friday the 13th today, but the San Diego cat celebrating her birthday today is a lucky one. The world's oldest cat, Tiffany Two, turns 27 today, or 125 in human years, according ...
Nov 25, 2019 · Often, today's nation-states arose from the dissolution of empires and were formed around communities that shared common geography, language, and culture. Ultimately, it is not possible to definitively say what country is the oldest, but the following three are most often cited as the world's oldest countries. oldest living cats "Oldest living cat" is naturally a category where the title-holders change frequently as they finally succumb to advancing age. As well as an official record holder, there are numerous unverified records of longevity.

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It happened 26 years ago, but my memory of the incident remains vivid. With my sights set on becoming a veterinarian, I was working as a volunteer at a local veterinarian’s office in Gainesville, Florida, to obtain that all-important “real life” experience. It was a weekday, and the first ...
This African wild cat is thought to be the cat originally domesticated by the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago. Cats depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork resemble the spotted Egyptian mau and show that they were used for duck hunting as well as being worshipped by a cat cult. Apr 22, 2018 · At 117, Nabi Tajima was older than modern-day Australia, and everyone else known to live on the planet. Tajima, born Aug. 4, 1900, in Araki, Japan, and recognized as the world's oldest person, has ...

At the time, her parents were living in a "squat," or an off-the-books residence in an abandoned building. This was a point when the issue of homelessness was gaining a great deal of media attention, and squatting was in some cases a form of political protest.
The Wels catfish is a large fish native to wide areas of central, southern, and eastern Europe. With a possible total length up to 4 m (13 ft) and a maximum weight of over 400 kg (880 lb), it is the second largest freshwater fish in the region after the beluga sturgeon.

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The largest living species of tortoise that can survive well past a hundred, with the oldest recorded at 152. The most famous Galapagos Tortoise was ‘Lonesome George’, a sub species who lived on the Islands, he was 100 years old and still classed as a young adult!
The oldest living Toy Poodle was Seamus, who lived to be 20-years-old. #6 – Maltese Another favorite small breed for dog lovers, Maltese have an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. According to a 2017 article, Henry has been living at the Southland Museum in New Zealand for 46 years and is the oldest tuatara in existence. Since coming to the museum, Henry has served as a mascot for New Zealand, often posing for photos and visiting with foreign dignitaries.